International Inter​disciplinary Conference

                           Man above Divisions
Health – Security – Education and Culture – Social Policy
                                     Czestochowa, Poland, october 28–30, 2022

on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa,
on the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Częstochowa,
on the 100th anniversary of the Rakow Czestochowa Sports Club,
Association "Give Me Time".
        The aim of the conference is a humanistic reflection, shaped in the space of scientific deliberations on contemporary phenomena of broadly understood political, socio-economic, educational and cultural dimensions.
        The conference is interdisciplinary and covers the areas of: 
— health, 
— security, 
— education and culture, 
— economics and social policy.  
        The intention of the organizers is to holistically approach the broad issues of both the processes of change and the resulting threats. 
        The conference will be attended by outstanding representatives of the world of science, culture and social life from Poland, Europe,
the USA and Israel.

Conference organizers

— Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa 
— Department of Education of the Czestochowa City Hall 
— Rakow Czestochowa sports club 
— Association "Give Me Time"

Conference languages
: Polish, English

Organizational Office of the Conference:

"DAJ MI CZAS" Association, ul. Marszałka F. Focha 19/21, 42–217 Czestochowa, POLAND
tel. + 48 798 311 210,