Association „Give Me Time”

The GIVE ME TIME Association has been active and operating since March 2007.
It was established at the initiative of teachers from the Janusz Korczak Special School Complex No. 23
in Częstochowa and the parents of pupils attending this school.
The aim of the Association is to initiate and implement various forms of care and assistance to people with disabilities, autism and related disorders and to help their families. The association is the initiator of many social actions not only on a regional scale (Light up blue light for autism” but also nationwide like Hours
of Silence in the Auchan supermarket chain. It also co-organizes many actions with other associations. However, the overriding task is to help people with intellectual disabilities, autism, and to promote knowledge about disabilities. The activity of the Association is based on social work of its members.
The funds for the implementation of the statutory goals are obtained by the Association from membership fees, sponsors, as well as from charity events.